• Make your dream a reality

    We foster connections that build thriving relationships.

  • vision

    We believe organizations should prioritize authentic human connection.


    PURE is a meticulously curated global network of purpose-driven experts in virtually every field. We serve as advisers and matchmakers, nurturing relationships that support our clients in manifesting their visions.

    Relationship Brokerage

    To Manifest Your Vision

    Whether you're looking for a personal or professional connection, our team of relationship managers will ensure your needs are met.

    Negotiation & Mediation

    To Create The Best Deal For All

    We represent our clients in fostering the best deal possible for all stakeholders.


    To Optimize Your Organization

    We support our clients in developing distributed organizational structures that reduce the need for top-down management.

    Community Facilitation

    To Build Your Community

    We support our clients in developing customized community facilitation programs that promote engagement and retention.

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  • About PUre

    As pioneers of the social entrepreneurship, coworking and coliving movements, our work is inspired by the belief that authentic human connection, nurturing community and vibrant culture form the root structure that holds humanity together.


    Guided by the vision of a world where our creative expression is sourced from a place of deep connection and wholeness, we support our members and clients in fostering a culture of connection within themselves, their relationships and all they create.


    Together, we are stewarding a new generation of organizations which prioritize authentic human connection and empower individuals to bring all their passion to work collaboratively towards a shared vision for the future.

    Ryan Fix


    Educated in diplomacy with careers on Wall Street and in Real Estate Development, since the formation of PURE in 2005 Ryan has catalyzed dozens of purpose-driven orgnaizations.